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Power generation from landfill gas in Turkey

Emissions reduction: 819,000 t CO2 emissions per year

Landfillgas Turkey

Better waste disposal in Istanbul

Waste disposal is a major challenge in the urban areas of many emerging countries. The waste materials are often dumped untreated. This produces climate-damaging landfill gas, which has a high proportion of energy-rich methane. The climate impact of methane is 21 times higher than that of carbon dioxide. Another problem is leachate. It forms in landfills when water is contaminated with chemicals in the waste. If the landfill is not properly sealed, it seeps into the ground and contaminates local water resources.

Turning waste into energy

In Istanbul, the two landfills Kömürcüoda and Odayeri together dispose of about 19,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste every day. In our project, generators for the energetic use of the escaping landfill gas are installed and commissioned in both landfills. Together, the two plants generate an average of 417 GWh of electricity per year, which is fed into the local transmission grid.

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