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Clean energy from wind power in Namibia

Emissions reduction: 36,000 t CO2 emissions per year

namibia wind

A fresh breeze in electricity consumption

Namibia has large desert landscapes and a long coastline. The country imports 60% of the electricity it needs from South Africa. The remaining 40% is produced by hydropower. Both make the country vulnerable to external influences such as droughts and fluctuating import prices. Therefore, it is important for Namibia to reduce its dependence on electricity imports and diversify its energy mix with renewable energy sources.

Wind turbines on the coast

At the Namibian coast, L├╝deritz has the highest wind speeds in the country - making the region perfect for wind energy. Our project supports there the construction of five wind turbines. Their total capacity is 10 MW. Of this, 36,700 MWh will be fed into the Namibian grid annually. This covers the electricity needs of almost 23,000 people in a sustainable way.

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