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We are committed to acting in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Acting in an ecologically sustainable way is an important corporate goal that we have successfully promoted at Jarltech in recent years - and will continue to focus on in the future. Find out how we are transforming Jarltech into an ecologically sustainable company.

That's how green Jarltech is:

No to plastic

We say "No!" to plastic!

For some years now, we have been completely doing without plastic for our packaging materials - even the adhesive strips on the boxes are made of paper.


Climate-neutral deliveries

Since last year, we have been sending our deliveries to you climate-neutrally via UPS. For every tonne of CO2 a package generates during transport, a corresponding amount of CO2 is saved by a verified emissions reduction project elsewhere in the world.


UPS CarbonNeutral Programme

Through our participation in the UPS CarbonNeutral programme, we support emission reduction projects - helping to reduce the impact of shipping orders on the climate.


Compensation of our CO2 emissions

Jarltech is progressively becoming a climate-neutral company, as we compensate for a large part of our emissions through participation in certified climate protection projects.

These are the climate protection projects in which we have participated:


Doesn’t it get any greener?
Sure, it does!

The climate protection projects in which we have participated are great. However, we are not resting on the laurels of only compensating our emissions through our participation in these climate protection projects, because the environment is close to our hearts. We will therefore continue to work hard to further reduce our carbon footprint to a minimum in many areas of our business - we want to go premium green!